Accommodation and people and tradition. Experience a new Japan, on an adults' journey.

Matsunomidori is a ryokan where grown-ups can enjoy some precious time. An elegant ryokan like a museum, displaying local traditional handicrafts, to tell the tale of Japan’s charm. We guarantee a high quality relaxing time to soothe the soul with a focus on the couple and an authentic Japan.

Matsunomidori Ryokan

Matsu (Pine)

Kagaya Bettei uses matsu (pine) trees, considered to be the most precious trees in the land. Since ancient times the pine tree has been considered a sacred tree. The trees symbolize longevity, they are respected and bring good fortune. At the entrance to Matsunomidori stands a pine tree planted by Emperor Showa. Because of the national treasure, The Folding Screen of Pine Trees, by the artist Tohaku Hasegawa from Nanao, the place lends itself to the idea of a ryokan within a museum. In tanka poetry also, “pine” is synonymous with “wait” in the pronunciation "matsu", and so expresses the idea of our unique hospitality in waiting on guests.

Midori (blue green)

Midori (blue green) is a color which represents youthfulness and so, as a ryokan name suggestive of “giving energy for tomorrow”, the word ‘midori’ has been used to suggest youthfulness and a feeling of the warm, bright morning sun to give guests a sense of energy and life. The color midori is powerful in nature, as used in the phrase "Suiten ippeki", connecting the deep green of the ocean with the blue of the sky in a seamless, rich freshness. Both green and blue are entwined, deep as the ocean and lush like the meadows. Midori expresses the rich, verdant nature of the Noto Peninsula, which has been designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.

Five Pines

Five Pines



The Kado Isaburo Museum of Art

A chronicle connecting the past, present, and future.

Wajimanuri lacquer ware, Kutani pottery, Kaga Yuzen, Gold leaf. Inside the ryokan is an art museum’s world laden with local traditional craft works for contemplation. Kado Isaburo’s pieces of work adorn the ryokan leading guests to feel at one with the wood and lacquer.

The Tea Room related with the Maeda Family

The Tea Room related with the Maeda Family

Enjoy the sea stretching out in front of your eyes and the history and culture of Japan.

Remnants of the building from the time when the Maeda Family resided here during the Edo and Meiji periods still remain and have been kept at Matsunomidori. Guests staying at Matsunomidori may experience an authentic tea ceremony in the tea room.


What is the The All-Inclusive?

The All-Inclusive enables guests to use the following services all within their accommodation fee

* Special items will be charged separately.


(Included within the accommodation fee)

  • ・ Lobby Lounge (Drink & Sweets)
  • ・ Tea Room (Tea Ceremony)
  • ・ Room (Refrigerator/Mini-bar)
  • ・ After Bath Lounge (Drink & Ice-Cream)
  • ・ Restaurant (Dinner & Breakfast Drinks)
  • ・ Bar (Drink & Supper)
  • ・ Onsen Tour (Kagaya Group Ryokan Hot Springs)
  • * Extra room charges apply for deluxe suites.
  • * Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to stay.
  • * Smoking area is available on each floor.
  • (Smoking rooms are available on every floor).